Cow Elk Hunt on New Mexico Ranch

November 28-November 30th
El Capitan Ranch – Capitan, New Mexico

Denver Sables helped arrange a cow elk hunt at the El Capitan Ranch in New Mexico in November. Five hunters and 5 cows down for delicious eating all winter ! Go, girls!!
This was the third year the Sables have hunted Elk as a group. Join us for many more fun activities ( hunting and non hunting ) all year.

AWLS Thank You

July 1, 2018

I wanted to write and say thank you so much for that fun and educational experience! I met a lot of experienced teachers who I can turn to now as I work to integrate more nature conservation into my Language Arts class. I also went home with some practical resources to get me started planning. Not to mention, it was just a really fun adventure! I learned about perspectives that differ from my own and opened my mind to other ways of thinking, specifically about oil drilling, hunting and trapping. I was unaware that sportsmen’s dollars go towards wildlife management, environmental conservation and many educational programs.

The information and resources provided by AWLS will enable me to continue to refer to this information for many years and it will provide unlimited accessibility to multiple approaches to environmental protection combined with the benefits of hunting.

I will be very excited to share my experience at AWLS with other teachers in my school. It will be fun to implement what I learned and to be able to share ways in which they can use some of the ideas that were presented at AWLS.

Again, thank you very much for the opportunity! I look forward to communicating with you more throughout the year.

All the best,

J. B.