SABLES Golfing for SCI-HOP

The Denver Sables traded in their shotguns for golf clubs and joined forces with Denver SCI-HOP to raise money to support recreational outreach for Veterans and disabled hunters. The day was a success and was well attended by local veterans and community leaders.

Denver Sables Hosts Ladies Pheasant Hunt – October 5-6th

The Denver Sables group is hosting a Ladies Pheasant hunt Oct 5-6th .
There may be a few slots available. The cost is $200 plus joining the Denver Sables which requires  joining National Sables for $35  a year or $50 for two years or $75 for  three years or a life membership. The membership cost is on top of the cost of the hunt The $200 includes the tip for the guides.
The resort, The Bluffs, is about 35 miles east of Denver ( easy access from the airport ) and we start on Friday at 4 and go home Saturday after lunch following our guided bird hunt with dogs. It is always so much fun and they give us a wonderful discount.
Let me know if you are interested.
Mary Predovich

Denver Sables Support of Gold Hill Elementary School

Denver Sables were able to assist Gold Hill School in continuing their development of teaching conservation, understanding environmental needs, the positive role that hunting plays in wildlife education to preserve our hunting heritage, love of outdoors and respect of nature. With our funds to Gold Hill, they were able to go to buy an archery program, they were able to set up an archery course, and purchase needed equipment. They were able to purchase a Buffalo hide to be used in their year-long study of the importance of Buffalo to our history. They were also able to purchase a teepee and other skin rugs for the flooring. The funds helped in many hands-on field trips: Fishing at Walden Ponds, Watershed work at Four Mile Canyon (planting project and collecting invertebrates), week-long Mountain Man Survival Camp, and an end of the year camping trip to Sand Dunes National Park.

Denver Sables won first place in the Stars Competition!

1st place Denver Sables
2nd place San Francisco Sables
3rd Place Adirondack New York Sables

Denver Sables won first place in the Stars Competition !

Our prize is a desert eagle 1911 C.45 ACP  “C” pistol 4.33 – inch barrel. 2  8 round magazines with extended base pads for positive magazine insertion. Includes skeletonized hammer , extended thumb safety, checkered , flat mainspring housing made from aluminum, stainless steel full-length guide rod.

We will sell this gun at our fundraiser.

Thanks everyone for all of your support !

Sables Colorado Elk Hunt

An adventuresome group of Sables gathered in Granby Colorado for a 2nd season public lands Elk Hunt.  This second annual event was made possible with the donation of a cabin and the assistance of two wonderful guides.  We climbed mountains, braved snow and wind, and waited patiently in meadows.  Signs of Elk covered the mountain but both the cows and bulls were elusive.  Even though tags were not filled we enjoyed the peace and beauty of the Colorado Mountains and refined our outdoor skills.  Good wine, good food, and excellent guides made the trip worth it.


SABLES Colorado Elk Hunt