SABLE Happenings 2015-2016

We had lots of fun this year and more to come in 2016!

  • Decorating for the Fundraiser
  • Archery Instruction in the Pike National Forest
  • Fly Fishing with Pearls on the North Fork of the South Platte near Bailey
  • Handgun Instruction
  • Shotgun Lessons with Warren Watson at Valhalla
  • Ladies Bluffs Hunt
  • Fur the Love

Your leadership team, Mary Predovich, Debra Blake and Tammy Scott have some great activities planned for 2016 – 2017.

Denver Sables and Friends, Night out at the Range for WAEI

photo 3Twenty Sables and friends had a “blast” learning safety and techniques for shooting handguns and “fired away” September 9, 2014. The outdoor shooting activities lasted until dark and then the group had a potluck dinner afterwards. The reason for the shoot was to raise much-needed funds for the WAEI College Programs. Bret Roller, Executive Director, joined us for this fun event.

WAEI (Wildland Awareness Education Institute) receives the Denver Sables support because it aligns with the SCIF-Education Sables mission to pass on the conservation message to future generations. WAEI is doing just that with college programs that teach the students the North American Conservation Model, help them understand the economics of hunting and involve them in actual hands on shooting, archery and other outdoor activities. For many students, this is the first opportunity to handle a firearm and hear the true facts regarding hunters and their support of wildlife. Many of the students go on to take hunter safety courses following this class. We are proud to be one of WAEI’s sponsors.

Mary Predovich

President, Denver Sables

photo 1