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Denver SABLES Upcoming Events

2020 Events:

March 21 – Painting party with Suzanne P. at her studio/home near Elizabeth.  10:30am Bring a dish $30. RSVP MARY 

 April 24-26 – TURKEY HUNT!

Four (4) women are invited to hunt turkeys on private properties in southwest Colorado on April 24th – 26th. Contact Mia Anstine 970-903-8632 $300 INCLUDES LODGING AND FOOD.  ANY MONEY LEFT OVER WILL BE GIVEN TO 4 CORNERS SCI CHAPTER FOR THEIR PROJECTS. 

April 10-17 – Women of SCI Argentina Hunt at Cazapampa Ranch  

5-Trophy Hunt: $10,000 per hunter, Red Stag Hunt: $6500 per hunter, Non hunters: $250 per night.  Contact Ricardo, for more information, available for non-hunters too. This would be a great way to experience Argentina with a great bunch of ladies even if not hunting!

Women of SCI is a group of women networking and enjoying each others company.  Last summer we went to the YO Ranch in Texas.  Some of these gals hunt but some do not, but support hunting.



June 2-6 – Women of SCI Legends Ranch in Michigan

No Hunting but a fabulous lodge – Contact Mary, for details, $850 per person. Includes lodging, meals, onsite activities and transportation to and from Flint Michigan airport. $300 deposit.

June 20 – River Deep sporting Clays tournament at Kiowa Creek.  

August 31 or September 14 –  River Deep Golf Tournament Meridian Golf course, Englewood, CO.

 Sept 14-18 – Women of SCI Event at Meadowview Lodge in Grand Lake, CO

Contact Mary, for details, no hunting but lots of fun.  $300 includes lodging and breakfasts. $100 deposit



January 18-20, 2021. Sables (guys and gals) elk Hunt in Raton, NM

Contact Stephanie MacLennan, for info and to RSVP

SCIF Sables logoSCI Foundation® Sables are leaders in wildlife education to preserve the hunting heritage worldwide. Sables women and men help advance outstanding SCI Foundation Education programs that instill a love of the outdoors and respect for nature.

Why the Sable?
The Sable, one of the largest and most stunning antelope, is an elegant animal with a glossy coat and distinctive markings. Swift and fierce in defending its young and its territory, the Sable is a magnificent symbol of our outdoor heritage.

Sables Mission Statement
SCIF Sables is a Committee of SCI committed to furthering the understanding of our outdoor heritage, including the positive role of hunting, through the creation and support of wildlife and conservation educational programs.

Sables Vision Statement
SCIF Sables: Leaders in wildlife education to preserve our hunting heritage worldwide


Founded in 1984 by the women of SCI®, the SCI Foundation Sables are committed to continuing our outdoor heritage. They volunteer their time to raise funds to support educational programs that promote conservation and hunting.

The SCIF Sables recognize that the future of the shooting sports and hunting rest with today’s youth. Their efforts are directed toward educating teachers, youth group leaders and young people about our outdoor heritage.

The blueprint at the national and local level is simple: fun, food, new friends, volunteering and fundraising. Using a combination of events, auctions, and other activities, Sables meet new people, have a great time, raise money for their programs, and enjoy the personal satisfaction that comes from making a difference.

Drawn together by their respect for wildlife and our outdoor heritage, SCIF Sables come from all walks of life: stay-at-home moms, teachers, business people, lawyers, nurses, and many others. Using their many talents and skills, they work together to share their joy and enthusiasm for wildlife conservation.

SCI Foundation® Sables are leaders in wildlife education to preserve the hunting heritage worldwide. Sables women and men help advance outstanding SCI Foundation Education programs that instill a love of the outdoors and respect for nature.

Denver Sables Annual Report 2018

The Denver Sables are an award-winning Committee with a steadfast mission of education: To further our hunting heritage through education projects. It is not just a women’s organization, as both men and women support the education mission. The Denver Sables offer fun activities for both men and women throughout the year that expand our funds for education projects as well as provide a conduit to outdoor and social activities.

2017- 18 Activities:

  • Denver Sables won the 2017 Stars Campaign Award from SCIF-Sables (National). The Desert Eagle 1911, .45 ACP pistol on the auction tonight was awarded to the Denver Sables Committee for their active participation in the education projects to save our hunting heritage. BID HIGH! Your Sables worked hard for this award but had a lot of fun along the way! We want to do more this year so we plan on sending a third teacher to AWLS this year instead of just two!
  • Denver Sables made donations to education projects including sponsoring two teachers to AWLS, purchase of two Hands-On -Wildlife Boxes for the classrooms, Gold Hill School supplement to accompany the SCIF- Sables 3 year Youth Grant, purchase of a buffalo hide for an outdoor classroom. 30% of our funds raised were sent to the SCIF-Sables for the national education programs including AWLS teacher scholarships, AWLS Ranch cabin renovation, Boy Scouts shooting programs, Salvation Army youth programs, the International Wildlife Museum in Tucson, AZ. and college scholarships.
  • Denver Sables sponsored fun and entertaining outdoor and social activities in the past two years, including a painting soiree, fly fishing outing, Shot Gun lessons, Ladies Bluff’s Pheasant Hunt, Sables’ Elk Camp in Granby, wild game cooking class and “Fur the Love” at Dan Sharp Luxury Outerwear. Each year the events vary depending upon the membership desires. A New Mexico
    Cow Elk hunt is in the plans for 2018 and an outing at Top Golf. You don’t have to be a hunter to participate in our activities, just a supporter of education about hunting.

Please join us this year: You can easily become a one year, three year or lifetime member of both groups. This organization is all about EDUCATION to keep hunting in our future and our children’s future. Ladies and gentlemen comprise the Sables membership because we all support the education mission and can have fun doing this.

Your Sables Leadership team:
Mary Predovich, President (
Tammy Scott, Vice President
Debra Blake, Treasurer and Membership chairperson


Denver SABLES Win STARS Award!

The Denver SABLES won the 2015 Stars Award from SCIF - Sables for their recruitment of new members, funding of education projects and education outdoor adventures for the members. Last year this group won second place so we moved up! Thank you to everyone who...

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SABLES Happenings

Cow Elk Hunt on New Mexico Ranch

November 28-November 30thEl Capitan Ranch - Capitan, New MexicoDenver Sables helped arrange a cow elk hunt at the El Capitan Ranch in New Mexico in November. Five hunters and 5 cows down for delicious eating all winter ! Go, girls!!This was the third year...

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AWLS Thank You

July 1, 2018I wanted to write and say thank you so much for that fun and educational experience! I met a lot of experienced teachers who I can turn to now as I work to integrate more nature conservation into my Language Arts class. I also went home with...

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AWLS Reflection

 June 26, 2018AWLS Reflection The American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS) is a very powerful teacher education program for wildlife, conservation, hunting, and firearm safety. The lectures on wildlife and stream ecology were very informative and...

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Going to the AWLS was one of the greatest trainings I feel I have been to in a long time.

As a teacher of Technology and of Hunter safety I feel the training gave me many ideas to bring back to share in the schools and in other fields where I am teaching students.

Let me start with the Staff. The staff at AWLS were very welcoming with large amounts of knowledge and very open in sharing anything they had knowledge on. They started the class with a great introduction and would bring their strengths to the room. They would support each other combining their strengths to make the class very successful.

As I reflect on the time I had a AWLS I think about how the organization of the information given was in such an order that it made it easy to understand and to relate to the topic they were teaching. I also enjoyed the way they taught the classes. they would go through the instruction and ideas behind the class and then we would go out into either the outdoors or the in the classroom and implement what we had been taught. After this they would have a wrap up class, so to speak, to reaffirm what we had learned. They team work they implemented was also a great lesson for the group. They would change the groups up all the time so we would be working with other people so we would get to know everyone by the time we were done.

The guest speakers were another great asset. They were very knowledgeable were so willing to share what they had done in the area we were learning about. They would build on the class we had taken bringing in more information for us to process and use.

All of the information they had for us to choose was another benefit that added to the class. They had a variety of teaching materials around the teachers could choose from and take home to use in the school they work at. This choice not only gave the teacher a wide variety to use but also helps with lesson plans for the future. This is a great asset as with so much information it could be easy to forget all of your ideas a teacher just has to look in the materials and it all of the ideas come flowing back onto the mind to use in the class.

The group from our school is now planning a summer lesson for students using the information we have learned from AWLS. We have already found a location willing to allow us the time on their land and it

includes a creek and a pond in which to get teach students how to measure the flow of a creek and then find the insects that use it as a habitat. We are then going to tie flies to match the creek insects as best as we can. We are also currently working on getting the kit from the NASP program to bring into the schools. The archery would give the students another way to spend quality time learning an activity Working with the National fish Hatcheries and the local Division Of Wildlife. We are hoping to bring in the local fish eggs and having a class unit based around the growth of the eggs to fish and when they are the size to be released taking them to the nearest lake.

Thank You for a training I shall never forget and am excited to use.

Mike Goodwin
Bennett School District
6-8 Technology Teacher
STEM/STEAM Coordinator
303 644 3234 Ext. 5344

Jan 24, 2014

Safari Club International & Denver Sables,

I want to thank you for the unique opportunity to attend the American Wilderness Leadership School in Wyoming. I gained a lot of skills for integrating outdoor education and science into my regular school classroom. I feel far more prepared with specific activities for teaching children and collaborating with the other teachers who also attended the camp. I intend on sharing my materials and activities I learned with the other teacher in my building, therefore sharing what I learned.

The AWLS camp was definitely the highlight of my summer, making it booth an intellectually stimulating and growing experience. These experiences have a special place in my heart forever! Thanks you!