January 8, 2017

RMS Gear Archery
Denver SCI Chapter Humanitarian Outreach Program
Operation TBI, Craig Hospital and Freedom Hunters

We have an enthusiastic group of men and women for some archery instruction and a fun day on the range thanks to the expert staff at RMS Gear. We will be using recurve and compound bows. We start with the fundamentals and the shooting begins, we have beginners to experts and everything in between. Some of the beginners pick up on it very quickly with just a little instruction. Before lunch we put up the balloons for them to see who is the top balloon killer and be awarded a prize at the end of the outing. Kathy from Craig Hospital is the winner with 9 balloons using a recurve bow. She is already excited about next month’s archery outing. The pizza’s arrive and everyone gathers for lunch. Everyone has had a great time.

A big thanks to RMS Gear and all of the volunteers!

Bob Adwar
Vice President & Humanitarian Chair
Denver Chapter Safari Club International
Humanitarian Outreach Program