January 28, 2017

DSCI Humanitarian Outreach Program

Terry Miller Farm
Sterling, Colorado
Operation TBI and Freedom Hunters
Wounded Warrior Pheasant Hunt

It’s the last weekend of the pheasant season. We will be hunting the tall grass next to the corn fields thanks to Terry Miller and his farm which is covered with pheasants. We head out to the fields with the Vets, dogs and guides and the pheasants are flushing everywhere. Mostly hens which is common for a late season hunt but there are roosters as well. We manage to knock some down for the dinner table. It has been a great hunt for all and the Vets go home with pheasant meat. After the hunt we head to Sterling for lunch.

A big thanks to Terry and his brothers for a great day!

Bob Adwar
Humanitarian Chair & VP
Denver Chapter Safari Club International
Humanitarian Outreach Program


Hello Bob,

I was honored to be part of the Veteran’s hunt you put together with Brother Terry on his farm. It was rewarding to see the group of former soldiers work hard on such a windy day to get shots at the wild roosters this late in the season. It was also great to see the large number of hens Terry has on the property.

The habitat Terry has developed on his property has taken years to establish. I have assisted Terry using resources from Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Pheasant Habitat Improvement Program and the local Northeast Colorado Chapter of Pheasants Forever. As a Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist, it’s my job to help private landowners like Terry understand what is needed for quality wildlife habitat and how to access programs from Pheasants Forever and State and Federal agencies to complete habitat projects.

Thank you again for giving the men and women who have served our country the opportunity to enjoy a Colorado Pheasant hunt.


If you would like more information or wish to donate towards the Denver SCI Humanitarian Outreach efforts please contact Bob Adwar, VP and Humanitarian Chair at 303-881-0400.