January 23rd, 2016
Pheasant Hunt for Craig Hospital Patients
Valhalla Hunt Club
Bennett, CO

This Saturday was a great day to be in Colorado for several reasons.  While friends and family on the East Coast experienced frigid temperatures, high winds, flooding, and several feet of snow, the bright blue Colorado Sky and unseasonably warm temperatures greeted the Craig Hospital patients and their families at Valhalla Bijou hunt club in Bennett, Colorado.  After a brief meet and greet session, the four patients were treated to two hours of safety and shotgun instruction by Bob Adwar and Master Shooting Instructor Warren Watson.  After about an hour and a half of position tweaking, gun mount adjustments, and follow through practice, the two instructors had the patients breaking clays at various angles and with increasing regularity.  Towards the end of the practice session and after the angles became more challenging, Warren kindly reminded several of the new shooters that a pheasant was considerably larger than a clay.

This fueled their anticipation for the upcoming pheasant hunt as they headed down for lunch provided by Stephanie MacLennan and the Valhalla staff.   After enjoying the Sloppy Joes sandwiches and potatoes, the group motored back up the hill and prepared to hop in the Argo ATV vehicles graciously provided by Bill at Clarke’s Equipment Rentals of Bennett.   Despite the incredible maneuverability of the Argo and the excellent bird-dogging tandem of Remington and his owner Devron, the birds proved to be a bit elusive this afternoon and the hunters managed to bag only two pheasants.  Despite not reaching their limits, the hunters and their families had a great afternoon and vowed to return as “Craig” alumni on future outings.

Bob Adwar
Humanitarian Chair
Denver SCI Chapter

If you would like more information or wish to donate towards the Denver SCI Humanitarian efforts please contact Bob Adwar, Humanitarian Chair at 303-881-0400.