July 23, 2018

Location: Meridian Golf Club, Englewood, CO.
Hosted By: SCI HOP

Meridian Golf Club 2nd Annual Fundraiser for SCI Hop

We had a great group of people who are going to smack a little white ball on a grass carpet, or at least it looks like a carpet. The ball always seems to win. Everyone was at the Meridian Golf Club in Englewood for a good time and to support our Humanitarian Outreach Program, which was started almost 20 years ago. We host outings for wounded Vets and individuals with disabilities such as fishing, hunting, archery, photography and much more.

10 wounded Vets from Ft. Carson WTB and Operation TBI Freedom played in our group. The course is beautiful and the weather was perfect. Mike Shur, owner of Meridian Golf Club, is a big supporter and does a great job of making sure everything is perfect for our event, including a fantastic lunch on the patio. It was a wonderful day and a big thanks to all who came out to support our mission.

Bob Adwar
SCI, VP/Humanitarian Chairman River Deep, President

River Deep is a newly established collaboration of like- minded organizations working exclusively to serve individuals with disabilities, many of whom served or are serving in the military. Their common goal is to acclimate, enable and engage their clients as a way to assist in the healing process, improving outlook and quality of life.


SCI HOP is a program within this collaboration that organizes group outings for clients across all the organizations to help toward this goal. Contact: Bob Adwar bob@scihop.org