Blackhawk, CO
Groups that attended: Operation TBI, Freedom Hunters, Project Wounded Ego and Craig Hospital

We are in a beautiful Colorado Canyon at one of the best Fly Fishing Clubs in the state. We are able to fish both the river and the ponds, which are loaded with big trout. We have approximately 25 people in all which includes Wounded Vets, Craig Hospital patients, all in wheel chairs, volunteers, family members and hospital staff. There are six guides and the provide all gear and instruction. We break up into groups and head to the river and ponds; everyone has hookups and the fun begins. Its been a great morning, and it is now lunch time;  so, we head for the lodge to have a meal prepared by a master chef. Everyone goes home with a smile and some relief from the pain they are going through.

Bob Adwar
Humanitarian Chair
Denver SCI Chapter

If you would like more information or wish to donate towards the Denver SCI Humanitarian efforts please contact Bob Adwar, Humanitarian Chair at 303-881-0400.