May 27, 2017

Lincoln Hills Fly Fishing
Blackhawk, CO

Organizations Participating: Operation TBI, Freedom Hunters, Craig Hospital
Sponsored By: SCI HOP of Denver

We are fly fishing at Lincoln Hills located in the mountains near Blackhawk. The weather is cold with off and on rain; however, the trout are not worried about the weather, just people do that. We will be fishing with Wounded Warriors and Craig Hospital patients. We start with casting, knot tying and equipment lessons. After that we pair up with our guides, some go to the river and others to the pond. The river is fast and high so fishing will be difficult, the pond is perfect and the trout hungry. We pull some monsters out and the Vets fishing the river manage to land some big ones as well. Everyone is having a great time and we manage to stay dry.

A big thanks to Lincoln Hills, Anglers of Honor and all the guides and staff!

Bob Adwar

VP and Humanitarian Chair
Safari Club International Denver Chapter
Humanitarian Outreach Program