DSC_0019June 11, 2016

SCI Denver Chapter
Lincoln Hills Fly Fishing
For: Anglers of Honor, Operation TBI, Freedom Hunters and Task Force ISO

We are at our monthly fly fishing outing at Lincoln Hills for Wounded Vets. The Vets are all new to fly fishing except for one or two so we begin with instruction. Then it is time to suit up and head to the river with our guides. The water is fast but there are pockets and eddys where the trout will hold to get out of the current. We spread out on the river and begin fishing, a few of the Vets hook up with some monsters almost immediately. During the next few hours, everyone will catch fish and at 1:00 we head up to the clubhouse to a great lunch prepared by Lincoln Hills. We are on the deck located over one of the ponds with a beautiful view of the mountains. Everyone has had a great time, and a big thanks to the Lincoln Hills staff.

Bob Adwar
Humanitarian Chair
SCI Denver Chapter