October 16, 2010

Denver SCI
Humanitarian Outreach Program
Colderweather Outfitters
Firestone, Colorado

Family Fishing, Archery and Lunch for Operation TBI, Freedom Hunters and Craig Hospital

It’s a beautiful warm Colorado fall day for fishing and archery, we have Wounded Warriors, Craig Hospital patients, alumni and family members. We have many ponds and boats so we will fish the banks and paddle around to cover a little more area. Everyone is having a great time whether they are catching fish or just enjoying the scenery. Many children and adults are also having fun at the archery range.

At mid-day we head to the barn for a special lunch donated by the Escoffier Culinary Academy from Boulder. They have been working with us through out the season. After lunch it is back to the ponds and archery range. It’s been a wonderful day for all. A big thanks to Austin Brown from Colderweather, Ashlen from Escoffier Culinary Academy and all the groups that participated today.

Bob Adwar
Humanitarian Chair
Denver Chapter Safari Club International

If you would like more information or wish to donate towards the Denver SCI Humanitarian Outreach efforts please contact Bob Adwar, Humanitarian Chair at 303-881-0400.