Denver Sables Fishing at Spinney Reservoir

August 18, 2016

We headed out early for a morning fishing adventure on Spinney Mountain Reservoir.  We split up into two boats and fished away with the guides from
Tightline Outdoors, Nate Zelinsky and Will Dykstra. The prize was a 46 inch Northern Pike that slashed the face of the guide before returning to the lake!


Wild Game Cooking Class

Saturday, DECEMBER 10, 2016 
10 AM – 12:30 PM in Centennial Colorado 
We will have mimosas, learn how to cook some special wild game dishes taught by author, Leslie Fangman, share in the preparation, and enjoy eating what we have prepared.
$75.00 for Denver Sables members and $85.00 non members.  You can join the Sables at the event if you would like. Price includes Leslie’s signed cookbook. The  Sables are the education arm of the Safari Club International Foundation and educates teachers, youth and families regarding the conservation  and economic value of ethical hunting and fishing practices which fund our successful game management programs in North America and worldwide.
LIMITED TO 10 Participants!
RSVP Mary Predovich

Denver SABLES Prairie Dog Hunt

The June hunt was very fun for the participants. We were thankful for the shaded trailer and we definitely have some sharpshooters in our group!

Denver Sables Annual Report May 2016

Denver Sables Leadership team:  Mary Predovich, Tammy Scott,  Debra Blake

Our Sables won the STARS award for 2015 over all of the Sables Committees worldwide.  We won with your help and were given this award at the 2016 convention.  The prize was a gold Sable necklace that sold on the live auction at the Chapter Fundraiser and we will use the proceeds to further our education programs.  We won this award based upon the following activities:

  • New Sables memberships.
  • Sending teachers to the AWLS (American Wilderness Leadership School ) training.
  • Funding the start-up Archery in the Schools Program for a Boulder County school. Three teachers in this school have attended AWLS over the past two years.
  • Purchasing Hands-on Wildlife boxes for the teachers to teach the curriculum provided at AWLS with hand- on experiences of feeling the hide, seeing and touching the skulls, recognizing the scat (poop) and tracks!  Doesn’t that sound like fun for kids of all ages?

That is what we are about-   Education !    We want our kids (and adults) to understand the economics and the conservation practices that help further healthy animal species and habitat and provide funding for the support to offer best practices for our wildlife.  We want to keep hunting a part of that picture for generations to come.  We encourage all our board members, Chapter members and spouses to be a part of the Sables legacy to expand the education information about hunting and shooting sports in a positive way.  Please join us!

We started a new scholarship to send a teacher to the AWLS program starting in 2016 in honor of Tom Evans who died earlier this year.  Tom was a huge advocate of education projects for our youth.  He and his wife, Bev, have been long-time SCI and Sables supporters and we are pleased to have Tom’s name on this scholarship.

We had outings to help you learn new skills and have fun!  Shotgun lessons, Archery instruction, handgun lessons, Bluff’s Hunt, fly fishing and Fur the Love!  Your leadership team have a whole list of events planned for 2016- 2017 so join the herd!  Sables membership is open to men and women and if you support education centering around hunting you should join.  Some of our new events will be of interest to both guys and gals.  (Carp bowfishing, Simulation shoot- don’t shoot training at Centennial Gun Club, Sporting clays, etc. ) Stay tuned!  Be a member and get on our e-mail list for notification of activities.

You can join today just by filling out the application.   Membership in the National Sables organization is required to be a Denver Sable.  The SCIF-Sables (national) membership is only $35 for a one year and $75 for a 3-year membership.  The Denver Sables membership is $20 per calendar year or $50 for 3 years.  Join now and don’t miss the opportunity to support education in keeping our hunting heritage for the future- and have fun and learn new skills with a great bunch of folks!  It is up to each of us to do our part. Thank you!

We have a $100 challenge bet from the Airondack – Catskill Chapter ( 2nd place winner) that we will get first place again, so I hope with all of your help we can do this and keep our first place among the Sables Committees!

Mary Predovich
President, Denver Sables

SABLE Happenings 2015-2016

We had lots of fun this year and more to come in 2016!

  • Decorating for the Fundraiser
  • Archery Instruction in the Pike National Forest
  • Fly Fishing with Pearls on the North Fork of the South Platte near Bailey
  • Handgun Instruction
  • Shotgun Lessons with Warren Watson at Valhalla
  • Ladies Bluffs Hunt
  • Fur the Love

Your leadership team, Mary Predovich, Debra Blake and Tammy Scott have some great activities planned for 2016 – 2017.

Denver Sables and Friends, Night out at the Range for WAEI

photo 3Twenty Sables and friends had a “blast” learning safety and techniques for shooting handguns and “fired away” September 9, 2014. The outdoor shooting activities lasted until dark and then the group had a potluck dinner afterwards. The reason for the shoot was to raise much-needed funds for the WAEI College Programs. Bret Roller, Executive Director, joined us for this fun event.

WAEI (Wildland Awareness Education Institute) receives the Denver Sables support because it aligns with the SCIF-Education Sables mission to pass on the conservation message to future generations. WAEI is doing just that with college programs that teach the students the North American Conservation Model, help them understand the economics of hunting and involve them in actual hands on shooting, archery and other outdoor activities. For many students, this is the first opportunity to handle a firearm and hear the true facts regarding hunters and their support of wildlife. Many of the students go on to take hunter safety courses following this class. We are proud to be one of WAEI’s sponsors.

Mary Predovich

President, Denver Sables

photo 1

Sables Life Membership Campaign

New Sables Life Members will receive a logo embossed duffle bag and portfolio in the Sable Life Membership Campaign. A SCI life member can purchase a Sables life membership for $250. All others pay $500. These funds are invested in a fund where interest earned on the fund goes directly to SCIF Education programs. The Chapter Sables Committees STARS Campaign has begun. Membership sales are counted in the STARS Campaign. One year memberships are $50 and 3 year memberships are $75. To become a member contact the SCI Foundation Education Department at (520) 620-1220 or

Grants to Chapters

Education Sables have grants available to SCI Chapters to support local education projects/activities.

  • Matching Grants are awarded once each quarter. Matching grants are for completed project/activities.
  • Chapter Youth Grants are due April 1, 2014. They are for education projects/activities being planned.

For more information and to obtain grant applications contact:

Todd Roggenkamp at (520) 954-0446 or

AWLS Cabin Vacation Rentals

Come to Wyoming Granite Creek Ranch (AWLS) and make it a vacation!

$150/night double occupancy.

$50/person for each additional person up to 4 people in a cabin.

Includes meals when booked during workshop sessions.

Contact the SCIF Education Department (520) 620-1220 ext. 231