Boulder Flycasters Chapter Meeting:
Safari Club International Open House with Bob Adwar

November 4, 2015

Upslope Brewery – Flatirons
1898 S Flatiron Ct, Boulder , CO

Over the last 13 years Bob Adwar has helped organize more than 100 outdoor adventures including Pheasant Hunts, Duck Hunts, Big Game Hunts and Fly Fishing outings, for wounded war veterans and those with traumatic brain injuries. He began his involvement working with patients and alumni at Craig Hospital, one of the best in the country for treating Spinal Cord and TBI injuries. During his service on the Board of Directors for Safari Club he expanded to work with wounded veterans through Operation TBI, Project Wounded Ego and Freedom Hunters. In the past he worked with such organizations as the James Beckworth Society taking inner city kids out into nature. Come join Bob as he lets us know about Denver SCI’s great ongoing work!