March 19, 2017

The Bluffs – Pheasant Hunt
Byers, Colorado

Operation TBI Freedom and Freedom Hunters

DSCI Humanitarian Outreach Program

It is a very hot day on the Eastern plains of Colorado, we gather at the club house around 11:00 and start with basic safety instructions. Then we move to the trap range for a tune up. We have seven Vets anxious to see the birds fly. We have lunch around Noon and discuss the upcoming hunt. We will break into two groups, one using a pointing dog and one a flushing dog. Lunch is over and the hunt begins, we head out to the tall grass and the dogs go to work. Birds fly some keep flying and others will be dinner. Everyone is having a great time and everyone shoots at least one bird but the heat takes its toll on the dogs so after a couple of hours we had back to the lodge for bird cleaning 101. It has been a great day for all.

Thanks to the staff at The Bluffs and a big thanks to all the Vets!

Bob Adwar
Humanitarian Chair & VP
Denver SCI Chapter