May 7, 2017

RMS Gear Archery
Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Craig Hospital, Operation TBI and Freedom Hunters

Denver SCI Humanitarian Outreach Program

It’s Archery day at RMS Gear and we have a big turnout with 40 people, 15 instructors and a handful of volunteers. The majority of the participants are beginners and will receive expert instruction from the staff where most will use recurve bows but some will try out compound bows. Everyone lines up and is fitted with a bow, arrows fly and smiles are on everyone’s face. Instruction is key and these guys are great, they make sure everyone is having a great time and are safe. After everyone is warmed up, we begin our balloon shooting contest. The top three shooters will receive a prize. The just in time, pizza’s arrive along with the homemade cupcakes. Everyone is a little fatigued from using muscles they normally don’t use. It’s been a great day for all.

A big thanks to the RMS Gear and their Staff!

Bob Adwar
V.P. & Humanitarian Chair
Denver SCI Chapter Humanitarian Outreach Program