From the Front Range west of Denver to the plains to the east, the Rocky Mountain state had a blanket of snow and ice that prompted a last minute change in plans for the Craig Hospital pheasant hunt scheduled for this past Saturday.  Rather than try and have a hunt in the fields of Valhalla Bijou Hunt Club, the group decided that a day of shotgun instruction, trap shooting, and good food would be enough.  Although the morning temperature was a bit cool, the sun broke through by mid-morning and provided for a pleasant shooting day.

Three patients from Craig  hospital and their families joined us for several rounds of trap and expert instruction by SCI’s Humanitarian Chair for Colorado, Bob Adwar.   Barry, a visitor from the Zoomabilities company, demonstrated the company’s latest “ZoomChair” offering.  The patients and staff enjoyed watching the chair in action as it successfully navigated rough terrain, snowbanks, and muddy hills with both ease and remarkable power.  The rest of the morning was spent improving general shooting techniques (gun mounts, leads, and follow throughs)  thanks to Bob’s tutelage and watching the chair (which will become part of the Craig Hospital mobility offering).  A healthy turnout of volunteers and graduates from the Craig program including Gary Verrazano who  works with LIM359 which provides support for people with special needs. Around noon, the group was treated to a sloppy joes and pasta lunch thanks to Stephanie MacLennan and the Valhalla Bijou staff.   It was another good day and the group was excited about the possibility of another outing at Valhalla in January.

Bob Adwar
Denver SCI Chapter
Humanitarian Chair

If you would like more information or wish to donate towards the Denver SCI Humanitarian efforts please contact Bob Adware, Humanitarian Chair at 303-881-0400.