SCI Convention Reno, Nevada Feb. 5-8, 2020 for registration

Women of SCI Argentina Hunt at Cazapampa Ranch April 10-17, 2020.  

5-Trophy Hunt: $10,000 per hunter, Red Stag Hunt: $6500 per hunter, Non hunters: $250 per night.  Contact Ricardo  This would be a great way to experience Argentina with a great bunch of ladies even if not hunting!  

Women of SCI is a group of women networking and enjoying each others company.  Last summer we went to the YO Ranch in Texas.  Some of these gals hunt but some do not, but support hunting. 

Women of SCI Legends Ranch in Michigan June 2-6 , 2020


Fishing, kayaking, hiking, skeet shooting, wildlife center tours and breeding facility tour, day trips, massage (extra) $825 per person 

Women of SCI in Grand Lake Colorado Meadowview Mountain Lodge September 2020 (date to be announced)