January 14 – 15, 2017
Holyoke, Colorado

Denver SCI Humanitarian Outreach Program

Pheasant & Goose Hunt
For Operation TBI Freedom

Hosted by Alan Nebrado

We have some Vets from Operation TBI this weekend for some pheasant and goose hunting. We meet at Allen’s farm in Holyoke Saturday morning for the pheasant hunt, walking the fields with the dogs and volunteers. It’s a late season, we flush 20 to 30 birds mostly hens but we manage to knock down some roosters. Everyone gets a chance and we are all having a great time. It is time for lunch and we head into town for some barbecue prepared by Allen’s friend who just opened the restaurant last week. After lunch a smaller group guided by Allen head back to the fields. The group will be staying in Holyoke tonight and will be up with the sun for the goose hunt.

A big thanks to Allen, the volunteers and the birds that cooperated!

Bob Adwar
VP & Humanitarian Chair
Denver SCI Humanitarian Outreach